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Hooray it’s fucking Trill Wave Friday !!!! We are back atcha this week with some audible craziness all the way across the pond to France by way of the one and only DJ SNAKE.

DJ SNAKE is one of those producers who likes to switch between genres as much as possible. Now I know what you’re thinking, usually that amounts to a bunch of shitty music in all different forms but every so often, the producers with skill will catch your ear and make you raise a brow and look their way.


I have to admit I wasn’t really a fan of his techno-house stuff a while back but the one track that caught my ear and kept it glued to his shit was…

Dj Snake & Alesia – Bird Machine

Yes, I know that shit has been in every “Trap” mixtape this year but fuck it’s just so good.

Another not so well known banger (as of yet) of his is..

Major Lazer – Bubble Butt ( Dj Snake Remix)

Damn son, where’d you find this?!?!?!

DJ SNAKE has actually ghost produced a ton of beats for some well known acts like Lady Gaga (Born This way), Akon, and PDiddy yeah man he’s that good!

I got my eyes and ears on this guys Soundcloud and you should too.

Check out the rest of his shit here:

And DJ SNAKE’S Soundcloud.